let's do it, its your life

Small but nice, that’s not really true at just 1.90 m,

probably more of a self-opinion and lateral thinker.
I would not like to bore you now with a normal childhood on an agricultural farm

or with the lingering of my way of life.
Everyone will have made their own individual experiences on his path through the timelines.
Good as well as bad, some of you learn, some you would never like to do and others would never let go.

How did I get to photograph?

The short technical page:
The whole thing started with my first proper mirror reflex camera, the Canon 550 D,

the countless annalogues and digital cameras we ignore.
My first tripod from Benron, and my first external flash from NEEWER.

And everything else, befriended photographers and friends, models that accompany me on my way,

this is probably a more interesting story, which I would like to personally give to the best.

But you should bring some time and the right ambience with a glass of wine

should round off the whole in a crackling fire.

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